AMD’s first Zen 5 CPU is the ‘monster’ Ryzen 9 9950X (2024)

AMD is launching its first Zen 5 desktop processors in July, with the Ryzen 9 9950X flagship leading the pack as “the world’s most powerful desktop consumer processor.” Based on AMD’s existing AM5 platform, the new Ryzen 9000 series of CPUs include the Ryzen 9 9950X, Ryzen 9 9900X, Ryzen 7 9700X, and Ryzen 5 9600X.

The flagship Ryzen 9 9950X is a 16-core, 32-thread CPU, with 80MB of L2+L3 cache and a 5.7GHz boost clock. AMD is promising around a 16 percent instructions per cycle (IPC) uplift in performance over the previous-generation Ryzen CPUs, with big promises of performance gains in productivity as well as gaming.

“It’s a big leap, and we’re very very proud of it,” says Donny Woligroski, senior technical marketing manager for consumer processors at AMD, in a press briefing with The Verge. “It’s a monster. This processor does really well against the competition.”

AMD is promising gains of up to 56 percent in Blender against Intel’s Core i9-14900K with the new flagship 9950X, and even 21 percent in Cinebench 2024. On the gaming side, AMD’s benchmarks show a 4 percent frame rate bump over the 14900K in games like Borderlands 3, all the way up to 23 percent better performance in Horizon Zero Dawn.

At the heart of the 9950X is AMD’s new Zen 5 architecture. It’s still using the AM5 socket, with the usual PCIe Gen 5 and DDR5 support, but there are some updates under the hood to deliver more performance that AMD argues make this not a trivial update. “Sometimes there are updates of Zen that are not as fundamental, but Zen 5 is a sweeping update with vastly improved branch prediction for both accuracy and latency,” says Woligroski. “It’s a really impressive difference, and this delivers up to twice the instruction bandwidth, up to twice the data bandwidth, and up to twice the AI performance of the last gen.”

AMD’s first Zen 5 CPU is the ‘monster’ Ryzen 9 9950X (3)

AMD’s first Zen 5 CPU is the ‘monster’ Ryzen 9 9950X (4)

Image: AMD

AMD’s first Zen 5 CPU is the ‘monster’ Ryzen 9 9950X (5)

AMD’s first Zen 5 CPU is the ‘monster’ Ryzen 9 9950X (6)

Image: AMD

AMD originally promised that the AM5 socket, which launched in 2022, would keep seeing new processor support until at least 2025, but it’s now extending that commitment at Computex to 2027 or beyond. The previous AM4 socket was introduced in 2016, and it’s still going strong today, almost a decade later. AMD is even launching new 5900XT and 5800XT processors for AM4 motherboards in July. The original 5900X was a 12-core processor, but the 5900XT is now a 16-core, 32-thread CPU, designed to take on Intel’s midrange 13th Gen desktop CPUs. The 5800XT has 8 cores, 16 threads, and a boost clock up to 4.8GHz.

AMD’s commitment to AM4 and now AM5 is seriously impressive, especially compared to Intel, which is about to launch its fourth desktop socket since 2016. The upcoming LGA 1851 socket replaces LGA 1700, which debuted in 2021, replacing 2020’s LGA 1200, which replaces the LGA 1151 Intel used from 2015 to 2019.

AMD’s first Zen 5 CPU is the ‘monster’ Ryzen 9 9950X (7)

AMD’s first Zen 5 CPU is the ‘monster’ Ryzen 9 9950X (8)

Image: AMD

“This really speaks to the success of socket AM4 and previous-gen processors that are lasting so much longer than anyone thought a platform could,” says Woligroski. “It’s the real advantage of having a commitment from your CPU supplier that says we’re in this for the long haul — if you want to upgrade at some time, you don’t have to throw your system away and start from scratch.”

While AM5 is being extended, AMD is also launching new X870 and X870E motherboard chipsets for these new Ryzen 9000 series CPUs. You don’t need these new boards for these new CPUs, but they do come with USB 4.0 as standard, and they all include PCIe 5 Gen 5 on the graphics and NVMe sides, even on the non-E X870 boards this time around. They also support higher EXPO memory overclock support, which is great for enthusiasts who want the best memory speeds possible.

The four new Ryzen 9000 series CPUs and 5900XT / 5800XT will all launch in July, but AMD isn’t providing pricing for any of the processors yet. The Ryzen 9 9900X will include 12 cores, 24 threads, and a 5.6GHz boost. Interestingly, it also has a 50-watt lower TDP than the 7900X. The Ryzen 7 9700X ships with eight cores, 16 threads, and a 5.5GHz boost clock. Finally, the Ryzen 5 9600X will have six cores and 12 threads, alongside a 5.4GHz max boost.

AMD’s first Zen 5 CPU is the ‘monster’ Ryzen 9 9950X (2024)


What is the Ryzen 9 7950x3d and who is it aimed at? ›

The Ultimate Processor for Gaming, with AMD 3D V-Cache™ Technology for Even More Game Performance. The 16-core processor that can do it all with incredible performance from AMD for the most demanding gamers and creators.

What is the clock speed of Ryzen 9 9950x? ›

Frequency:4.3 GHz
Turbo Clock:up to 5.7 GHz
Base Clock:100 MHz
Multiplier Unlocked:Yes
2 more rows

Is the AMD Ryzen 5 processor good? ›

This is probably AMD's best-bang-for-the-buck CPU. 6 Ryzen cores at 3.9GHz is plenty of horsepower even for gaming. The built-in graphics is fine for office apps on a high-resolution monitor and for playing light weight esports games at FHD.

Is Ryzen 9 better than Ryzen 5? ›

The Ryzen 9 3900X is really designed for those who need a CPU with 12 cores and 24 threads. It won't really make your games run that much faster than the Ryzen 5 3600X, especially if it'll be held back by the GPU, and does cost considerably more, but it offers an immense amount of multi-core performance.

Is the AMD Ryzen 9 7950X good for gaming? ›

If you want to have your cake and eat it, AMD's latest Ryzen 9 7950X3D also gives you 16 cores, just like the 7950X, but then adds a massive stack of L3 cache. Not only is it great for multi-threaded work, but it's also a killer gaming CPU.

Is AMD Ryzen 9 better than the i9? ›

Both Intel Core i9 and AMD Ryzen 9 processors perform well in benchmarks, with each excelling in different areas. Intel Core i9 processors typically have a slight edge in single-threaded performance benchmarks, while AMD Ryzen 9 processors generally outperform in multi-threaded benchmarks.

What is the fastest CPU Ryzen 9? ›

The AMD Ryzen 9 7950X is easily the best processor on the market right now with incredible performance, energy efficiency, and support for the latest DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 technology.

What speed RAM for Ryzen 9? ›

The Ryzen 9 5900X officially supports a maximum memory speed of 3200 MHz. However, with overclocking, higher speeds can be achieved. The RAM's timings, indicated by a series of numbers such as 16-18-18-36, also affect performance. Lower timings generally result in faster data access.

What is the max speed of AMD Ryzen 9? ›

Ryzen 9 7950X has 64 MB of L3 cache and operates at 4.5 GHz by default, but can boost up to 5.7 GHz, depending on the workload. AMD is making the Ryzen 9 7950X on a 5 nm production node using 13,140 million transistors. The silicon die of the chip is not fabricated at AMD, but at the foundry of TSMC.

Is AMD Ryzen 5 better than Intel i5? ›

The AMD Ryzen is a better option as it enables OEMs to manufacture slimmer laptops that consume less power. The Intel Core CPU offers a better range. The graphics compatibility is similar, depending on the processor type. The Intel Core CPUs offer better connectivity.

Is Ryzen 5 good for laptops? ›

Ryzen 5 processors are generally quad-core or hexa-core CPUs, which means they're suitable for light gaming and general work processes. On the other hand, Ryzen 7 processors have higher core counts and clock speeds.

Is AMD Ryzen better than Intel? ›

The AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D and Ryzen 9 5900X3D are currently the fastest gaming processors available, surpassing even Intel's high-end offerings in most gaming scenarios, making them the top choice for gaming in the high-end segment.

Is Ryzen 9 faster than i7? ›

Below we can see in Premiere Pro the Core i7-13700K has a noticeable lead over the Ryzen 9 7900 and the latter was around 100 points slower than the Ryzen 9 7900X too. However, both those CPUs draw far more power and the 7900X is also $100 more expensive.

Is Ryzen 9 high-end? ›

With more cores and threads than its chief like-priced Intel competitor, AMD's Ryzen 9 3900X is an excellent 12-core beast of a CPU to power a high-end gaming rig or a multimedia editing station.

Which Ryzen 9 is best for gaming? ›

You'll also need a new AM5 motherboard, as the latest Zen processors are not backward compatible, and DDR5 memory is the only option. If you're looking to build the absolutely fastest gaming system, regardless of cost, the Ryzen 9 7950X3D is undoubtedly the fastest gaming chip currently available.

What is Ryzen 9 used for? ›

AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900X series desktop processors comes with 12 cores to power through gaming, streaming and more.

Who needs a Ryzen 9? ›

With more cores and threads than its chief like-priced Intel competitor, AMD's Ryzen 9 3900X is an excellent 12-core beast of a CPU to power a high-end gaming rig or a multimedia editing station.

Who competes with Ryzen 9 7950X? ›

While the Core i9-14900K doesn't really offer anything new other than a Core i9-13900K with higher clock speeds, it's still a potent competitor to the Ryzen 9 7950X. Here's how the LGA 1700 socket's last stand compares to the AM5 socket's fastest chip thus far.

Is 7950X3D good for productivity? ›

Productivity, however, is another matter entirely. There, the 7950X3D absolutely walks away with it, thanks to its greater core count and access to higher clocked cores.


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