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Bull Terrier Puppies for Sale: About the Breed

The Bull Terrier is a cross between the Bulldog and the Old English Terrier with a bit of Spanish Pointer in his bloodline. This breed originated in 1830 to attack bull in this sport of combat. They were soon replaced in 1850 with the White Cavalier and have since been used for many different things. The Bull Terrier has been used as a guard dog, a ratter, a herder, and a watchdog and does extremely well in all.


The Bull Terrier is a lively breed but can also be lazy and quiet at times. A very muscular and well-built breed, this dog has a very sweet disposition and can be very affectionate. This dog requires an experienced handler as they can become dominant without the right training and socialization. The Bull Terrier is a very polite breed that is naturally obedient, however does need extensive training and requires a great deal of companionship.


Fiery, energetic, and loving, this breed can also be protective of his owner and his territory, giving off somewhat of a fearless presence. This breed makes a good watch and/or guard dog. The Bull Terrier is very hardy and sturdy and can tolerate quite a bit of child's play, however should always be supervised, as Bull Terriers can be snippy if they are overly pestered. With proper socialization and training, this breed can do well with other dogs.


The Bull Terrier does not require much grooming, and an occasional brushing with a rubber brush should be sufficient. Hand plucking may be necessary for dead hairs, but is usually cared for with a brush or comb. This breed is an average shedder, shedding only around twice a year. Removing loose hair should be simple when using a special rubber glove designed for such a task. Ear cleaning is necessary to prevent any difficulties in the future.


The coat of the Bull Terrier should always be short, flat and harsh, even being somewhat coarse to the touch. The hair should always be glossy and should be close lying. This breed should have tight skin, never wrinkly or saggy. Grooming this breed is fairly simple as the coat is very short. However, the Bull Terrier should be protected from the cold.


Being somewhat willful and very independent, the Bull Terrier can be difficult to train. Obedience training should be started at an early age to avoid any issues in the future. Being that this breed is prone to dominance issues, firm and dominant handling is a must to prevent escalation into aggression. Bull Terriers are very eager to please although they can be very stubborn and difficult to train in any aspect.


The Bull Terrier is a very lively breed. A ball of fire, this dog requires quite a bit of exercise to stay healthy and active. At least a medium sized yard would work best as this breed has almost infinite energy. This breed requires long daily walks, twice a day is best, as they can become destructive if not given the proper stimulation and exercise requirements.


Male: 55-65; Female: 45-55 lbs


21-22 inches


Looking for a Bull Terrier puppy with a superior lineage? Are you trying to determine how much a Bull Terrier with breeding rights and papers would cost? You should expect to pay a premium for a Bull Terrier puppy with breeding rights or show quality with papers. You should budget anywhere from $1,500 upwards to $7,955 or even more for Bull Terrier puppies for sale with top breed lines and a superior pedigree. The average cost for all Bull Terrier puppies for sale is $2,930.

Bull Terrier Characteristics

Full-Grown Size

Small Large

Grooming Needs

Seldom Regularly

Good with Dogs

Not Really Yes!

Watchdog Ability

Low High

Exercise Needs

Couch Potato High Needs

Color Variations

Curious about the color palette of Bull Terrier puppies? You'll discover a captivating array of hues and patterns that define their distinctive personalities. Below you will find common and rare coat colors for the Bull Terrier breed. *Remember, coat colors often change as a puppy grows older and cannot be guaranteed to remain constant.

  • Black
  • Black Brindle
  • Black Smut
  • Blue
  • Blue & White
  • Brindle
  • Brindle & White
  • Fawn
  • Fawn & White
  • Red
  • Red & White
  • Tricolor
  • White

Name Variations

Searching for common aliases for Bull Terrier puppies? Ever wondered what other names people use for this breed? Find your answer to what other people call the Bull Terrier by exploring their affectionate nicknames or monikers below. This list will help you in your search for English Bull Terrier puppies and even Miniature Bull Terrier puppies for sale as they relate to the Bull Terrier breed.

  • English Bull Terrier
  • Miniature Bull Terrier
Bull Terrier for Sale | Puppies | Pawrade.com (2024)


How much is a Bull Terrier? ›

Breeders typically sell Bull Terrier puppies at prices ranging from $1,000 to $2,000. The price can fluctuate based on factors like pedigree, breeder reputation, and location. Adoption, on the other hand, can cost anywhere from $300 to $600, a fee that often includes initial vet visits and vaccinations.

Is Bull Terrier a good family dog? ›

With proper socialization and training, Bull Terriers make great family pets. However, they probably are not a good choice for novice dog owners, nor are they generally recommended for households with other pets or irresponsible children.

What are the 5 types of Bull Terriers? ›

Six distinct breeds descended from the bull and terrier hybrids, five of which were recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in the following order: Bull Terrier, Boston Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier (AmStaff), Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Miniature Bull Terrier.

Do Bull Terriers bark a lot? ›

Bull Terriers do not bark unless there is a good reason. When a Bull Terrier is barking, pay attention. Bulldog-terrier crosses, of various sizes and colors, became popular as sporting dogs in the early 1800s.

Are Bull Terriers cuddly? ›

General Temperament. The loving Mini Bull Terrier is playful and cuddly with family, but can be stubborn at times. They are spunky and energetic with an easygoing nature, and are always happy to make new friends. They may become possessive of family members and can become jealous if attention is taken away from them.

Are Bull Terriers high maintenance? ›

Staffies are quite low-maintenance when it comes to grooming but usually have one heavy shed per year. A Staffordshire Bull Terrier's short coat is easy to maintain and only requires brushing once a week.

What are the disadvantages of a Bull Terrier? ›

There are some health issues this breed is prone to, so it's better to inform yourself. The Bull Terrier is fairly healthy, but genetic health problems that have been seen in the breed include heart disease, deafness, luxating patella, and eye disorders, such as ectropion and keratoconjunctivitis sicca, or dry eye.

What two dogs make a Bull Terrier? ›

Bull Terriers are famous for their egg-shaped heads and triangular eyes. (They're also the only recognized dog breed with triangular eyes.) Bull Terriers were bred as fighting dogs. Originally a crossbreed between bullies and terriers, Bull Terriers were sadly bred as fighting dogs and known as "canine gladiators".

Can a Bull Terrier be left alone? ›

Bull Terriers get bored quickly when alone, and they are notorious for chewing up furniture and digging up the garden. They also are prone to separation anxiety. It's preferable for someone to stay with your Bully all day and take him out for regular exercise.

Are Bull Terriers like pit bulls? ›

Bull Terriers are Bull-and-Terrier type dogs, but they were never used consistently for dog fighting, so they are not pit bulls. The Dogue de Bourdeux might be considered both a Bulldog breed and a fighting breed, but the Dogue de Bourdeux has Mastiff, not Terrier, in its ancestry.

What is special about Bull Terrier? ›

The Bull Terrier is active, loyal, and playful—even clownish—and is considered for its weight as one of the strongest of all dogs.

Why do Bull Terriers have a bad reputation? ›

Indeed many see them as aggressive, with a tendency to bite and they are often included on dangerous dog breed lists. Ownership is often subject to approval or even banned outright.

Are Bull Terriers clingy? ›

The Bull Terrier has an unwavering devotion to its family and is very charming, friendly and extremely playful. The Bull Terrier is a very needy dog who always wants companionship and needs a good deal of supervision to make a good pet.

Why do Bull Terriers stare at you? ›

Sometimes they're looking for a signal that you might be about to take them for a walk or feed them a meal. If you've trained your dog to respond to hand or voice signals, they might be waiting for a signal to tell them what to do next. Other times, they're just observing you so that they can know more about you.

Why are Bull Terriers so expensive? ›

Midwest: For states like Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan, Bull Terrier prices can be slightly lower due to a lesser population density and demand, averaging between $1,000 to $2,200. West: States like California, Washington, and Oregon have a wide range of prices due to the vast disparities in urban and rural areas.

What is the most expensive dog? ›

As a result, prices for a purebred Tibetan Mastiff pup range from $2,000 to millions. Yes, millions! In 2014, a Chinese businessman parted with $1.95 million for a Tibetan Mastiff puppy, making the Tibetan Mastiff the most expensive dog in the world.

What's the most expensive dog breed? ›

Tibet Mastiff

Number 1 on the list of most expensive dog breeds in the world is the Tibetan Mastiff, also known as the Tibetan Mastiff or Do Khyi. This guard dog breed from the Himalayas has a lion-like majesty due to its size and strength, as well as its imposing, dense coat.


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