Hey Marco Island, looking for a place to eat? (2024)

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The Snook Inn, Marco Island

More‘Watts for Dinner’: Snook Inn makes a bold and beautiful comeback

And 844 Gulf & Prime, Summer Day Market & Café, Wawa (East Naples), Sand Bar, Cracklin Jacks (Golden Gate), DavideItalian Café, Kareem's Lebanese Kitchen (East Naples), Nacho Mama's, Nautical Bowls (East Naples), The Boulevard, Stix Sushi & Seafood (East Naples), Island Chicken, IslaMarotta,Amigos (East Naples), Hoot's Breakfast & Lunch, Ori's Bakery &Café, Jackie’s Chinese, Sam Snead's Tavern (Lely Resort, South Naples), The Oyster Society, Mother Trucker (East Naples), 2Shea's Salty Dog, Frankie's Authentic Italian Deli (South Naples), Stonewalls, Miller's Ale House (South Naples), Su's Garden, Verdi's American Bistro,Thee City Grill (East Naples), Paradise Found (Goodland), Carole's House Cafe & French Bakery (East Naples), Italian Market & Deli, Skillets (South Naples), Michelbob’s Championship Ribs & Steaks, Country House (East Naples), Sami's, Red Rooster, Thai Thai Sports Bar, The R's Diner (South Naples), Hammock Bay Grill (South Naples), Los Molcajetes Del Valle (East Naples), Stan's Idle Hour (Goodland), CJ's on the Bay, Saki Japanese (East Naples), Thai Sushi By KJ, Pours at Publix (East Naples), Joey D's, First Watch (Naples), Habanero Catering (East Naples), Big Al's Deli, Taqueria San Julian (Naples), Crabby Lady, Joey's Pizza & Pasta, La Tavola, Jersey Mike's (South Naples), Dolphin Tiki, Margaritas, Cocomo's Grill, Marco Prime, Papusas Salvadorenas (food truck, East Naples), Fin Bistro, Foxboro Sports Tavern (East Naples), Capri Fish House, Mi Mercado (East Naples), Pinchers, Marco Island Brewery, Ciao Bella Ristorante Italiano,Paradise Seafood & Gourmet Market, La Familia Mexican Taqueria (East Naples), The Sen (South Naples),Tropical Smoothie Café, Tokyo Thai Sushi (East Naples), The SpeakEasy,Z’s Music Kitchen (South Naples), Zaza Mexican Kitchen, Deep Lagoon Seafood & Oyster House, Mango's Dockside Bistro, Crazy Flamingo, Empire Bagel Factory, Leebe Fish,Tony's N.Y. Pizza, Napoli On The Bay, Island Gypsy (Isles of Capri), Garibaldi Mexican Grill & Bakery (South Naples), Smith House Restaurant & Tavern, Doreen's Cup of Joe, Sunset Grille, Da Vinci’s Ristoranté Italiano,Thai, Thai Sushi Bowl (South Naples),Sale e Pepe, Arturo's Bistro, Marek's Bar & Bistro, Little Bar (Goodland), Osteria Capri (Isles of Capri),Micky's Pizza (Isles of Capri),21 Spices by Chef Asif (East Naples), Kretch's, Dolce Mare, Let's Eat Asian Fusion (South Naples), BistroSoleil, Café de Marco, Old Marco Pub, and Pelican Bend.

All restaurants are on Marco Island, unless otherwise noted. Don't see your favorite here?Send a request to mail@marconews.com. And look for a new entry every week.

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Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Expanded dining, all-day breakfast highlight changes at Summer Day

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Wawa after dark – Burgers, crispy chicken and pizza on the menu

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Sand Bar offers game-day delights

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Country comfort food with all the fixins’ from Cracklin’ Jacks

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Davide – Experience the pasta-bilities

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Generous and irresistible helpings from Kareem’s

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Nacho Mama’s — From tacos to burgers

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Smooth and healthy sailing at Nautical Bowl

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: The Boulevard – Dishing out the perfect blend of ingredients


Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Island Chicken – Who needs Popeyes, KFC?

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: IslaMarotta —Breakfast, lunch and crab cakes!

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: You’ll make quick friends with Amigo’s amazing offerings

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Hoot’s – Egg-citing developments and Reuben paninis


Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Get your Chinese-food fix at the revamped Jackie’s

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Off the eaten path – Sam Snead’s Tavern at Lely Resort

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: The Oyster Society – Influences from Asian and the sea

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: One ‘Mother’ of a good meal

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Touché! Lots of clever things about Marco’s 2Shea’s

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Frankie’s – New location, same great taste

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Stonewalls – Fine, fresh, friendly and delish!

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Ale yes! New Miller’s lives up to the standard

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Su’s Garden – Chinese comfort food

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: You’ll squeal for the pork prime rib

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Thee City’s Grill – ‘Inspired Greek,’ is an inspirational experience

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Finding Paradise – and grouper – on a Wednesday

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Carole’s House – Delicious with a French twist

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Noshing on gnocchi and enjoying some engaging ‘married soup’

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Big breakfast energy from Skillets

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Michelbob’s –The best BBQ on Marco Island

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: A hearty breakfast from East Naples’ Country House

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Sami’s happy hour is something to smile about

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Red Rooster lays the golden breakfast egg

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Thai Thai reignites long-abandoned space on Marco

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: An amazing breakfast at the R’s

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Club dining – drinks and a noshpoolside

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Let Molcajetes spice up your life!

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Stan’s of Goodland – Great fun, spectacular seafood and libations

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: A brave and unique offering marks latest CJ’s visit

Review‘Watts for Dinner’: Saki opens second location in East Naples

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’: Old favorites and new discoveries from KJ

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’: Sip and shop at the new Pours at Publix

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’: Joey D’s: Come for the fried ravioli, stay for everything else

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’: First Watch – A unique creative breakfast/lunch awaits

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’: Tacos and more in the shadows of the courthouse

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’: It’s all good! At Big Al’s Deli

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’: Taqueria San Julian – Make any day ‘Taco Tuesday’

Review:‘Watts for Dinner:’ Goodland, Crabby Lady remain a top spot to dine

Review:‘Watts for Dinner:’ Meatball sliders! Huge entrées! Joey’s doesn’t disappoint

Review:‘Watts for Dinner:’ New breakfast and lunch offerings astound at La Tavola

Review:Watts for Dinner:’ Jersey Mike’s keeps expanding, and so will your tummy

Review:‘Watts for Dinner:’ Dolphin Tiki is Marco Island’s hidden gem

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’: Margarita’s – Quality, consistency and community

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:Cocomo’s Grill – New digs, same great tastes

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:Marco Prime is pure saucy perfection!

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’: East Naples food truck serves up pupusas and more!

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:Fin to hoof – Bistro keeps it fresh

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:Foxboro has all your New England favorites and more

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:Unique combos highlight Capri Fish House visit

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’: Mi Mercado has all the Latin flavors you crave

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:Hooked on fresh fish? Let Pinchers reel you in

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:Marco Island Brewery is crafty in more than just beer

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:Ciao Bella! That’s amore


Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:Buena comida at La Familia Mexican Taqueria

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’: The Sen – Thai flavors and noodles galore

Review:‘Watts for Dinner:’Tropical Smoothie Café – A healthier on the go alternative

Review:‘Watts for Dinner:’ From noodles to fried chicken, Tokyo Thai Sushi delivers

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’: Crunchy, cheesy SpeakEasy

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:Z’s Music Kitchen hits the right notes

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:From ‘Cast-Iron Carnitas’ to unique tamales, Zaza satisfies

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:Deep Lagoon reinvents crab rangoon and does the ahi poke

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:Mango's offers Great food and relaxing waterside dining

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’: Jackie’s – Lots of great food choices for little money

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’: The garlic burger is ‘Crazy’ good at Flamingos

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:Nacho Mama’s, Marco’s home for Tex Mex

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:Empire Bagel has everything you’ll want and more

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:Fresh catch – Water to table at Leebe Fish

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:Tony’s offers a New York slice and so much more

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:For Napoli, the crust is a must!

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:Soak up tropical vibes and flavors at Island Gypsy

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:Garibaldi’s serves up hearty Mexican fare

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:Smith House – a leisurely late lunch in Olde Marco

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:In a world of ‘no substitutions,’ Doreen’s says, ‘no problem’

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:Experience Marco Island through Sunset Grille

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:Da Vinci’s paints a colorful, serene dining experience

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:Thai Thai Sushi Bowl – the bold and the beautiful

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:Sale e Pepe's sunset dinners in Paradise

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:Snook Inn offers fresh seafood without the fishing

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:Were friends, family share good food

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’:A symphony of flavor from Arturo’s Bistro

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’ the Takeout Edition: Quality and consistency – Davide’s does it again

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’: Make some memories at Goodland’s Little Bar

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’: There’s nothing simple about Osteria Capri

Review:‘Watts for Dinner’ the Takeout Edition:Unique pies from Uncle Micky’s Pizza

More:‘Watts for Dinner’ the Takeout Edition: Kretch’s a Marco Island original

More:‘Watts for Dessert’: Find your sweet spot at Dolce Mare

More:‘Watts for Dinner’ the Takeout Edition:Let’s Eat Asian Fusion comes to South Naples

More:‘Watts for Dinner’ the Takeout Edition: Bistro Soleil offers a summer special

More:‘Watts for Dinner’: Café de Marco brings it’s ‘A’ game

More:‘Watts for Dinner’: Old Marco Pub come hungry, leave happy

Hey Marco Island, looking for a place to eat? (2024)


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