Kanawha County Circuit Court (2024)

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Kanawha County Judicial Building
111 Court Street
Charleston, WV 25301

Phone: 304-357-0440
Fax: 304-357-0473

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Online Court Resources

Resources for the Kanawha County Circuit Court as well as online resources applicable to courts generally in Kanawha County, West Virginia, and resources applicable to all courts inWest Virginia.

Search court case records

Request Kanawha County Circuit and Family Court Case Records

Request copies of Kanawha County Circuit and Family Court case records online. This is a paid service; documents requested will be mailed or made available online. Select a state to begin.

Forms and related information

Kanawha County Probate Forms

View and download various Kanawha County probate forms, including guardian and fiduciary forms.

Consumer Protection Forms and Information

Information about consumer protection, including complaint forms and instructions, is provided by the West Virginia Attorney General's Office.

Crime Victims Compensation Application

View instructions and the required form to apply to the West Virginia Legislative Claims Commission (formerly Court of Claims) for crime victim compensation.

Online Court Forms

View and download Family Court, Magistrate Court, domestic violence, guardianship, involuntary commitment, expungement, fee waiver, and civil case forms for use in West Virginia courts.

Self help, legal research, general information

Circuit Court Mediators

Search a roster of Circuit Court mediators by county.

Child Support Services

The West Virginia Bureau for Child Support Enforcement offers information and services related to child support, including how to get a child support order, paternity establishment, locating absent parents, and interstate cases.

Court Rules and Procedure

View Circuit, Family, and Magistrate Court Rules, and rules governing attorneys and judges.

Crime Victim Compensation Information

View information about making a claim with the West Virginia Legislative Claims Commission (formerly Court of Claims) for compensation as a victim of crime.

Foreclosure Prevention Resources

View resources for preventing foreclosure in West Virginia, including local housing counseling agencies and links to legal aid providers.

Guardian/Conservator Online Training

Complete an online training and testing program to become certified as a guardian or conservator in West Virginia courts.

Treatment Court Information

West Virginia treatment courts provide alternatives to criminal adjudication for offenses committed by juveniles and adults dealing with substance abuse or mental health issues.

Legal Information and Legal Resources

Legal Aid of West Virginia provides an online library of information and resources organized by topic.

State Law Library

View information about the West Virginia State Law Library, including hours, location, an online catalog, and available services and materials.

West Virginia Code

Search the West Virginia Code by keyword or browse the Table of Contents by chapter, article, and section.

Legal aid, free services, lawyer referral

Domestic Abuse Resources by County

Search a directory of shelters and women's resource agencies by county.

Find Legal Help

View information on finding legal assistance in West Virginia, including identifying the type of case you have, locations of local legal services and resources available, and links to other sources of legal help.

Free Legal Assistance from Mountain State Justice

Mountain State Justice offers free legal assistance to low-income West Virginians experiencing problems in the areas of foreclosure, predatory lending, fraud and other consumer issues, special education, health care, civil rights, and workers' rights.

Free Legal Assistance from WVU College of Law

West Virginia University College of Law provides free legal help in the areas of family law, entrepreneurship, immigration, land use, and tax. The clinic also offers a Veterans Assistance Project and an Innocence Project to assist those wrongly convicted of crimes.

Free Legal Help for Seniors

West Virginial Senior Legal Aid offers free legal services and information for low-income West Virginia residents age 60 and over.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid of West Virginia provides free civil legal services to low-income West Virginians. A directory of local Legal Aid offices, information about types of cases handled, an online application, and links to additional resources are included.

Public Defender Services

The West Virginia Public Defender provides free and reduced-cost representation to low income individuals who require criminal defense, juvenile abuse and neglect defense, and mental health advocacy.

Bar Association - Lawyer Directory

Search the West Virginia Bar Association directory of member attorneys by name and county.

Complaints About Lawyers

The Office of Disciplinary Counsel offers information about disciplinary procedures, including how to file a a complaint against a lawyer, a downloadable complaint form, legal ethics opinions, and recent disciplinary decisions.

Lawyer Referral

The West Virginia State Bar offers a lawyer referral service by practice area and location.


Kanawha County Circuit Court (2024)


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