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Find Public Records in Kanawha County, West Virginia

This page lists public record sources in Kanawha County, West Virginia. Additional resources can be found on our West Virginia State Public Records page, on city pages, and on topic pages using the navigation above.

Kanawha County, West Virginia - General County Info

Kanawha County, West Virginia Home Page

General information about Kanawha County

Population: 195,218
Area: 903 sq. miles
County Seat: Charleston
Area Code(s): 304
Time Zone: Eastern

Kanawha County was founded in 1789 and is named for the Kanawha River, which traverses the county and is West Virginia's largest waterway. Because the Kanawha River is a tributary of the Ohio River, it became a significant transportation and industrial corridor. Today, Kanawha County is home to many chemical, energy, technology, and medical businesses. Bordering counties include Roane on the north, Clay on the northeast, Fayette and Nicholas on the east, Raleigh on the southeast, Boone on the south, Lincoln on the southwest, Putnam on the west, and Jackson on the northwest. Kanawha County has eight cities and eight towns. The City of Charleston, with a population of 51,000, is the largest city, the county seat, and the capital of West Virginia. Take a look at the categories below for a multitude of public records and documents, including tax land sale records, warrants, and jail records. [1]


Kanawha County, West Virginia - Public Records Directory Links

Free Directory

West Virginia Court Records and other Resources

Links to state and local court records, general West Virginia court information, directory of courts, and online resources for courts in West Virginia.

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Kanawha County Court Directory

Directory of court locations in Kanawha County, West Virginia. Includes local links to searching court records, dockets, legal research, self help, and more.

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Property Search

Search Kanawha County property tax records by owner name, parcel number, deed book and tax year.


Kanawha County Assessor
409 Virginia Street East, Charleston, WV 25301
Phone (304) 357-0250 Fax (304) 357-0551

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Recorder, Clerk, Marriage Licenses, Birth, Death and Marriage Records

Kanawha County Clerk
Kanawha County Courthouse
407 Virginia St. East, Charleston, WV 25301
Phone (304) 357-0130 Fax (304) 357-0585

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Jail and Inmate Records

Search Kanawha County jail and inmate records through Vinelink by offender id or name.


Kanawha County Sheriff
301 Virginia St. East, Charleston, WV 25301
Phone (304)357-0169 Fax (304) 357-0516

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Requests for Proposals

View Kanawha County Requests for Proposals including description and publication date, and sign up for RFP email alerts.

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Sex Offenders

Search West Virginia sex offenders by name or address. Results include photo, physical description, address, employer, and offense.

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Kanawha County Census Information Summary

Kanawha County statistics for population, ethnicity, housing, geography and businesses. From the U.S. Census Bureau.

Contact Info

Delinquent Taxes and Tax Land Sales

Kanawha County Tax Office
409 Virginia Street East, Charleston, WV 25301
Phone (304) 357-0210 Fax (304)357-0291

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Voter and Election Information

View Kanawha County voter registration and election information including early voting, polling locations, precincts by district.

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Land Sale Properties

Search West Virginia delinquent tax land sale properties by county, name, description or status of the property.

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Government Jobs

View current listings for Kanawha County government jobs including employment application form.

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Offender Records

Search West Virginia offender records through the Department of Corrections.

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Meeting Minutes and Agendas

View Kanawha County Commission meeting minutes and agendas including online audio and video of meetings by date from 2007 to present.

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Department Directory

View Kanawha County office directory by department including department website link, phone number and email link.

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Employee Salaries

View Kanawha County employee salaries by name.

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Birth, Death and Marriage Records

View Kanawha County information and requirements about obtaining birth, death and marriage certificates, including fees.

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Genealogy Records Search

Search Kanawha County genealogy records such as birth records, cemeteries, census records, death records, marriage records, obituaries, and more.

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Sheriff Press Releases

View Kanawha County Sheriff press releases by dates and type of incident, including arrests.

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Property Tax Search

Search Kanawha County property tax records by taxpayer name, taxpayer account number, tax year, ticket number, district, map, and parcel number.

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GIS Maps and Parcel Search

View Kanawha County GIS maps including tax parcel search by parcel id.

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View Kanawha County Sheriff warrants by area. Results including warrant date, warrant number, name and charges.

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Kanawha County, West Virginia Public Records Directory (2024)


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