The 46 best markets in Barcelona (2024)

La Boqueria is a renowned indoor public market in Barcelona, close to Hotel Arc la Rambla. It is the city's oldest and largest gastronomic market, offering a wide variety of meat, produce, cheese, and exotic food items. With over 300 stalls representing different cultures, La Boqueria showcases the multiculturalism of Barcelona. Visitors can find traditional Catalan products as well as unique delicacies while immersing themselves in the vibrant atmosphere filled with charm and color.

Love this market, it's super busy as you'd expect, with not too much space to eat what you buy, but the quality is great in general everywhere here. You'll get food from everywhere and usually there's a fish market in the centre too (it wasn't open on the Monday when we went, but that just left us a little more space). You can buy dishes to eat there, or items to take home. Slightly more expensive of course, and very touristy, but a very large, high market area - excellent to wander around in, grab some delicacies and a beer or 2.

Marc B — Google review

This had to be the coolest Mercado I’ve ever been. Very lively and colorful. They had mangoes that looked luxurious and juicy. I didn’t care to buy any as I don’t have a kitchen in my hotel room but they should really offer cut to order cause the produce looks amazing here. I recommend coming here.

Jordyn R — Google review

A fun place to meander through the stalls! The market is filled with tons of options for fruit, fish, meats, if you think of it, they probably sell it. Surrounding the markets are a few cafes to sit down in as well. The chocolate covered strawberries were delicious! Perfect travel snack while you continue your shopping! 😂🍓🍫🛍️

Madeline — Google review

It's a must if you like markets. You'll find good-quality local and international products. Some stands offer drinks (including wine) and small "tapas", that are not a typical Portuguese thing, but they allow you to try different dishes and preparations. If you have more of a sweet tooth, coffee and traditional sweets are also available. You can enjoy your meal while you discover the market or on the dedicated stands. The market is directly connected to a metro station and has public toilets on the different floors. Upstairs you'll also find restaurants.

Paula ( — Google review

Great market. A must visit in Barcelona. There are a lot of interesting things to try here. Like raw oysters opened on the spot. A lot of great fruit stands. And a few good restaurants with bar stands and delicious fresh seafood.

Elina U — Google review

One of the best markets I have ever been too. So many options of fresh produce & dining options. We tried so much food because it all looked so delicious. I recommend going on an empty stomach. The vendors were also very welcoming.

Rachael T — Google review

Wow. We were taken here as a surprise and it was epic. There is so much produce here, all of it looking beautiful, smelling delightful and readily available to eat in as a strolling tapas or take back to where you live/stay and enjoy later.If you are remotely interested in food and fresh produce, you will find inspiration and enchantment here. I could have spent a day walking the aisles and looking at everything. Everyone there is happy and helpful too.In Barcelona and on an open market day or night and enjoy food ? .. this place needs to be on your list.

Allan R — Google review

Quite possibly one of my favourite parts of my trip to Barcelona!Great food, great to get lost around. The smoothies and fruit are so fresh! The meats and cheeses are divine. Great to sit and get a beer here too..It gets busy though! I preferred our night time trip down as it wasn’t as crammed!!

Olivia A — Google review

A local market with lots of tourist visitors. A huge market where you can find variety of fruits, fried food, spice, dry fruits, juices, cakes, seafood and the list is long... Everything is fresh, do visit to try local cuisines which are freshly prepared. The market also has small bars and cafes. The market has its own vibe and one must not skip this place as the range of stuff available here is huge and fascinating.

Exploring U — Google review

Beautiful colorful market where you can take in so many flavors. Lots to see with tons of people enjoying themselves. Went and had a great time with the girls and we left satisfied. Plenty to take with you when you head out. Great fruit and vegetables and tons of meats. Thank you for a great experience and see you again soon. It is definitely worth the trip

KC M — Google review

The market was a fun experience. I recommend walking the entire market before choosing who to buy from because a lot of the vendors offer the same things for slightly different prices.But you can choose your own adventure. You can grab a snack or eat a whole meal. There aren't many seats in the market itself, but there is a small plaza behind it with some benches where you can take your goodies.

Allison B — Google review

This place was the mother of all markets. It’s so large with much local food and also variety. They also have vendors that cater to a number of dietary restrictions. The juices at every stand were my favorite part along with the fresh fruit. I consumed 2 juices and 2 main dishes and my friend downed 4 juices herself easily. I highly recommend trying the exotic fruit options and fresh meals!

Emily B — Google review

One of the best experiences you could have in Spain. It’s a market with a ton of different food options. From fresh fruit juices to Iberian ham and all the way to chocolate strawberries. Every option you could imagine. Delicious food and really friendly merchants. Would definitely recommend heading here for lunch and come hungry!

Christopher F — Google review

The best market we visited in Spain. Despite being so popular, the prices are honestly decent. We tried a large selection of items, including raw oysters, paella, steak strips, fruit juices, olives, fried seafood, amongst others. The 100% best thing was the raw oysters. It was €10 for 4, Spanish or French oysters. They were delicious and juicy, tasted so fresh and we were able to add tabasco/vinegar amongst other sauces provided. There are tons of stalls offering oysters and probably all sourced from the same place. The fruit juices were also amazing, for €2.50 it was delicious but the portion was quite small. I'd recommend trying one of the more unique mixes such as coconut. We wanted to come back a second time but never got the chance.

Rachel S — Google review

This place is great. Like a big market for many things. Seafood, food, souvenirs, and plenty of other things. Tried the chicken skewers and they were pretty good, well seasoned. Lot of people so one might have to squeeze through to get through some areas. Great experience.

Marvin L — Google review

what an awesome experience! Loved everything about this place. The variations of different things to buy and eat are tremendous. Everything from fruits to meats to seafood. All available fresh and in an outdoor market experience. I tried so many different things I can't name em all. The service from all the shop owners was friendly and prompt. They are Helpful if you are unsure of what your getting. The location is open air so gives you the feeling of a farmers market. Everyone I went to accepted credit cards so it was very convenient. There are plenty of small restaurants all around the market to sit and enjoy a cold sangria at so make sure you choose one. Overall great place to make part of your trip while in Barcelona.

Don R — Google review

You HAVE to go here if you are in Barcelona! I could have probably stayed in this market for my entire trip and been happy. There is so much to see and food to try! It can become very crowded but I found that it was very pleasant still. Everyone was very nice and the vendors are good at their jobs!We tried a lot of food as we walked around and snacked and it was a great time. Keep your receipts though, they let you go into the bathroom for free! Otherwise, it’s one euro.

Skylar Y — Google review

A bustling food market renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse culinary offerings. We are treated to a sensory feast as we stroll through the market's aisles, encountering colorful displays of fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, meats, cheeses, and spices.The market's stalls and counters offer an array of prepared foods, including traditional Spanish tapas, freshly squeezed juices, artisanal chocolates, and more. Whether you're in the mood for a quick bite or seeking ingredients for a gourmet meal, this market has something to satisfy every palate.While the market can get crowded, especially during peak hours, the energy and excitement only add to its charm. We appreciate the opportunity to interact with local vendors and sample authentic Catalan cuisine.Overall, a memorable culinary experience that captures the essence of Spanish gastronomy.

Y. T — Google review

A food lovers dream!! So many good options here and such good quality! Fresh seafood and fresh fruits. From raw oysters to chocolate strawberries. From jamon to to dried fruits. Stalls after stalls of tapas. Everything looks clean and delicious!

SteakEm A — Google review

What an amazing place to sample some of the local food. There are so much to offer from fruit to seafood, cheese, ham, sweets, etc, there is something for everyone. Price seems ok. This place is really busy to keep an eye on your belongings. There are toilets downstairs, if you show them a receipt from one of the stalls they will let you enter for free.

Kapo M — Google review

Eye candy, really great place for your soul to jump for joy. There’s so much food and color all over that you have plenty of choices. I saw this place transform over the years from mainly having jamon to now getting more and more healthy options like smoothies, salads and nut bars. Go and see it for yourself, if you don’t buy anything just enjoy the ride!

Dan O — Google review

A must of you are in Barcelona!! Wonderful variety of local produce, from ham to cheese to olives to bars with sea food there is nothing that you crave that you won't find here! You will also find all the different fruits and chocolate and spices all around! I ate good here! Most vendors offer small portions which is great as it allows you to experience many different dishes! Fresh oysters are a must and also the paella!

Elena — Google review

Visually nice, colourful market. Try the oysters, they are fresh.Take care as it's a bit of a tourist trap. Too high prices especially at the stalls close to the entrance.Personal opinion: coconut pieces in a plastic glass are not worth as they don't have almost any taste.

Cris N — Google review

Amazing place! Everything very clean and fresh, and all the products are represented beautifully. Not particularly cheap, but definitely worth the money. You should really dine here and enjoy the market atmosphere!

Laura P — Google review

This place is so unique and fun, definitely very crowded with tourists but I think it was worth it. Trying local food will always be worth it in my book, there are so many different stalls with SO MANY choices from seafood, fried food, desserts, juices, meat and cheeses ect. Bring an empty stomach because you're going to want to try everything!

Kaitlin M — Google review

Huge tourist trap, but worth a look. Lots of the same things at various stalls. So much juice, so much cured meat. It all looks cool, but after a while, it starts to seem really repetitive.This isn't really a market for buying local produce, although you can and people do. If you're looking for where locals go, this isn't it.Everything is quite expensive so don't expect cheap eats. However, you can get some excellent seafood from some of the spots inside. Sad to see the xuxo place gone.Absolutely packed with tourists on their phones, but it seems that at least you can move around for the most part.I recommend the egg stall. There are emu eggs!

Vee — Google review

WOW this market is BEAUTIFUL. I stopped off and had some lunch at the seafood bar ad its the best prawns and scallops I've ever had. TAKE A LOOK AT MY PHOTOs as they tell the story.

John N — Google review

Nice market with a huge variety of goods from fish to sweets. It is really crowded (mostly by tourists) so it's better to stop by in the morning. Some vendors have a bit high prices, but I guess you can have a good bargain if you try.

Gabor S — Google review

Everything we ate there was delicious! Pricing seemed good too. Only complaint is that it was so busy (on a Friday afternoon) and sometimes hard to maneuver through the narrow walkways.

Monica A — Google review

I was amazed because I had never seen such a variety of products. You will be greeted by fresh products, seafood, fish, freshly squeezed juices and even a mini cafe where your order will be prepared in front of you. The prices are sky high, but this is a tourist destination and in my opinion it is worth it. But I would advise you to watch your bags and valuables, many people will just ask you for money or food

Sava H — Google review

The market had a diverse selection of produce and tapas. It was very enjoyable to walk between each of the stalls and see what the local cuisine entails. We bought a chicken, tomatoes and potatoes Empanada. It was very tasty! I would highly recommend stopping at the market for some tapas and a unique experience.

Stiliyan S — Google review

Worth a visit for the experience, very busy near the main entrance! A lot of stalls selling similar items (sweets, chocolates, meats, cooking oils, chilli and local delicacies) so have a look around and see which stall you like the items of and prices vary for the same items. We ate at central bar quick service & nice food within hustle & bustle of busy market.

R05han P — Google review

It was a very cool experience. I would say this is a must-visit when in Barcelona. My wife and I stumbled on this market while heading to the Gothic Quarter. It is a very diverse mixture of foods and a unique environment.

Michael A — Google review

A local & very vibrant Market , just off the main La Rambla.You will find a lot of fresh food from Fruit , Smoothies, Tapas , Meat , Chocolate, Cheese etc.Very busy to get round was there midday, but great.

Paul C — Google review

Only in Barcelona for the weekend so had to visit and so glad we did. There may well be more 'authentic' markets but this is superb. An amazing array of food to buy, or try, and some great places sit and have a drink and soak up the fantastic atmosphere.

Steve B — Google review

The 46 best markets in Barcelona (2024)


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