360 Training Alcohol Final Exam Answers (2024)

1. Alcohol Seller-Server Training (On-Premises) | Learn2Serve®

  • Take our course to learn how to serve and sell alcohol on-premises. Easily meet your training requirements with training from Learn2Serve by 360training!

2. Learn2Serve® | Food Handler Card & Alcohol Certification - 360 Training

  • Alcohol Server Training · Texas · TABC Certification Online · Food Manager

  • Learn2Serve® offers online courses for food handler cards, alcohol certification & permits, bartender licenses, & food manager certifications. Enroll today!

Learn2Serve® | Food Handler Card & Alcohol Certification - 360 Training

3. Alcohol Seller-Server Training | Online Liquor Training Courses

Alcohol Seller-Server Training | Online Liquor Training Courses

4. Part 52 - Solicitation Provisions and Contract Clauses - Acquisition.GOV

  • 52.201-1 Acquisition 360: Voluntary Survey. ... 52.224-3 Privacy Training. 52.225 [Reserved] ... 52.242-4 Certification of Final Indirect Costs. 52.242-5 Payments ...

  • As prescribed in 19.708(b), insert the following clause:

5. Food Manager Certification & Training Online - State Food Safety

  • Prepare for the certification exam with training, a study guide and a full practice exam ... Arizona BASIC Title 4 Alcohol Training ... answers required to pass the ...

  • Earn your Food Safety Manager Certification online. Prepare for the certification exam with training, a study guide and a full practice exam.

6. TABC Certification - Texas.gov

  • Check out our FAQs page to find quick answers to your questions. ... You can sign up for this training online through our Texas Responsible Alcohol Delivery (TRAD) ...

  • Get your TABC training and certification, and join the hundreds of thousands of bartenders, cashiers, servers and consumer delivery drivers in Texas.

TABC Certification - Texas.gov

7. [PDF] Washington State Driver Guide

  • ... 360-725-9860; or. • Washington State Department of ... The Knowledge Test ... Drinking Alcohol and Driving ...

8. TIPS® Alcohol Training - Get Your TIPS® Certification Today!

  • Official TIPS® (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) online alcohol training. 100% online & self-paced. Get certified by the best trainers today!

9. Free ServSafe Practice Test [2024] | 9+ Exams - Test-Guide.com

  • Jan 26, 2024 · ServSafe Alcohol Training Certification. The alcohol training program is intended to help alcohol service providers (e.g., bartenders ...

  • Get your ServSafe certification with our free practice tests for Food Handlers and Managers. Updated for 2024. No registration required.

Free ServSafe Practice Test [2024] | 9+ Exams - Test-Guide.com
360 Training Alcohol Final Exam Answers (2024)


How many questions are on the ServSafe alcohol exam? ›

A passing score for the ServSafe Alcohol Primary Exam is 75%. This is obtained by answering at least 30 out of 40 questions correctly.

Which is an indicator of a false ID rbs exam? ›

(g) Indicators of a false ID: (1) Photograph appears raised or altered; (2) Thickness of the card, too thick or too thin; (3) Lumps, bumps, or creases on the surface of the card; (4) The card can be peeled apart; (5) Alterations of the birthdate; and (6) Signature written in ink.

How many drinks can the liver break down in one hour ServSafe? ›

The liver can only get rid of about one drink per hour. Speed of consumption – A person who drinks rapidly or gulps drinks becomes intoxicated faster than a person who sips or drinks slowly because they ingest a larger amount of alcohol over the same period.

How many days does a server have after hire to complete a responsible vendor training course? ›

Servers and managers must be certified within 60 days of their first date of employment. RBS server certifications are valid for three years. Servers must be recertified prior to their expiration date to remain valid.

How many questions can you miss to pass ServSafe? ›

What is the passing score for the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Examination? A passing score is 70% or higher. This is obtained by answering at least 56 out of 80 questions correctly. The exam has 90 questions; however there are 10 pilot questions that are for research purposes only.

How to pass ServSafe alcohol exam? ›

There are 40 questions and you must achieve a score of at least 75% in order to pass. That means that you need to correctly answer at least 30 of the questions correctly. The ServSafe Alcohol Primary exam does not need to be taken under the supervision of a proctor. You are allowed to take it at home.

How many drinks are in a 750 ml bottle of wine? ›

Standard Bottle – A standard bottle of wine is 750ml, or 25 fluid ounces, and will net you about 5 glasses of wine. Magnum Bottle – A magnum bottle of wine is 1.5L, or 50 ounces (double the standard), so you will be able to get about 10 glass of wine from this bottle.

How many drinks are in a 10 oz glass of wine? ›

A large glass of wine can hold 8-10 ounces (2 servings); a Solo cup holds 15-16 ounces (3 servings).

What organ absorbs 20% of alcohol consumed? ›

Stomach. You absorb 20 per cent of alcohol into your bloodstream through your stomach and the rest into your bloodstream through your small intestine. Drinking a small amount of alcohol stimulates your appetite because it increases the flow of stomach juices.

What happens if a server doesn't get certified? ›

The server will not be able to serve alcoholic beverages in an on-premises licensed business. 4. The server could be arrested if they continue to serve alcohol.

Are RBS and tips the same? ›

California RBS training, such as the TIPS RBS Alcohol Training Online course, is required. Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) training is mandatory in the state of California as of July 1st for anyone who serves alcohol by the drink. Managers and ID checkers are also required to take the training.

How many days does a server have to get trained after starting their employment? ›

Yes. Alcohol servers and managers have 60 days from their first date of employment to register in the RBS Portal, take training from an authorized RBS training provider, and pass the ABC Alcohol Server Certification Exam within 30 days of their confirmed training.

How long is the ServSafe alcohol online course? ›

ServSafe Alcohol Online Course: approximately 4 hours in length. ServSafe Food Handler Course: 1 ½-2 hours in length.

How many times can you take the ServSafe alcohol test? ›

You can take the examination twice within 30 days. If you don't pass the exam on your second attempt, you must wait 60 days from your most recent attempt before taking the exam again. No more than four attempts are allowed within a 12 month period.

Is the ServSafe alcohol exam proctored? ›

You must have a proctor administer the ServSafe Manager Examination, any ServSafe Alcohol Print Exam and the ServSafe Alcohol Advanced Exam. An instructor must administer a ServSafe Food Handler print exam. Use the Find a Class locator to find a proctor for these exams.

What happens if you fail the ServSafe alcohol test? ›

Servers have three attempts within 30 days of their confirmed training. If they fail three times or do not pass the exam within 30 days, they must repay the $3 exam fee, retake training, and pass the exam.


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